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Russian Bruting wheel

Why Russian Bruting wheel?

Our vitrified diamond bruiting wheel is set on advanced CNC bruiting machine, which is widely used for polishing and bruiting natural diamond. It can substitute PCD (polycrystalline Diamond) and will lead the trend of big sale into diamond processing industries gradually in the world market. Our diamond bruiting wheel has been proven its superiority in the jewellery and diamond processing industries. So it enjoyed wide popularity in India, Belgium, Israel, Australia, Bangkok, Shrilanka. We aim to be the best diamond bruiting wheel supplier for diamond processing industries in India and will do every efforts to meet our clients demand.

Mahlen Russian bruiting wheel has many features:

  • High efficiency of polishing more quantities of natural diamond then metal bonded diamond grinding wheel.
  • It has high abrasive resistance and less wastage and consumption.
  • Low and constant power consumption.
  • High speed and precision on demand and cause less heat while bruiting.
  • Long life of wheel and high smoothness surface of natural diamond.